May 1, 2010


{ vest: Geisha Pearl vintage, blouse: thrifted, shorts: Urban Outfitters tights: American Apparel, shoes: Guess }

i have been dying to take some pictures for my blog, so this morning my housemate and best friend erika and i went on a hunt to find the perfect setting for my ensemble. she just got a new canon camera for her birthday and she hasn't had enough opportunities to use it - so as she gets used to her camera, i get some absolutely amazing shots! win, win :)

as i'm sure you can see, today was an exceptionally windy day! we even saw white caps on lake calhoun, which looked more like an ocean than a lake today. i was amazed at watching the windsurfers cut through the water and not get pummeled by the huge gusts of wind slamming against them like angry fists. i was having a hard time enough staying upright in my wedges.

it took me a very, very long time to choose my favorite photos from our playful photo shoot today! first, i narrowed the list down to 137 photos. then, down to 104 - then, to 53 - then, to lovely 29 photos i couldn't part with! i want to show you every last one of them, but am afraid it would be a little to self-absorbed of me. i truly get nervous and a little uncomfortable every time in front of the camera, especially when i'm not using my remote and tripod. i'm not a model. my mini photo session today confirmed my belief that amazing models are one of a kind - stuff you just can't teach. i am not an amazing model whatsoever, but i do love the photos we took today :) enjoy.


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