June 15, 2010


erika's sweatshirt // forever21 necklace & satin skirt // Jeffrey Campbell wedges // GPP purse

Here are a couple of snap shots from my weekend. I have been up to my elbows - maybe more like eyebrows - in sourcing, photographing, editing, uploading...the list goes on. So, i set my work aside for night, which is really, really hard for me to do. I guess i just hate the hangovers because my head feels like it is full of cobwebs all day.

Anyways, i took a much needed night off for some fun on the town with my bf's - boyfriend joel & best friend erika. They are the crazy two in the alejandro salsa dancing pose. I love both of them absolutely to death! I really couldn't image my world without them - i know corny, yet true. Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

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Naomi-and-her-orange-juice-brick said...

u will appear in my OTHER blog walking-in-the-street.blogspot.com
comment in my 2 blogs please!!

Elle Sees said...

had no idea that the necklace was forever 21! i need it.

Kitty Cotten said...

hi naomi thank you for featuring me on your blog. i have to check out your blog!!

hi elle :) i just love accessories from forever21! there are sometimes some really beautiful pieces for very cheap! i am notorious for leaving the love21 with a pretty big bill!!! oh well, right? haha

Ashley said...

I love how you mixed a tight dressy skirt with a loose, more casual top, it works so well here!

I'm the same way with F21, I always look at my receipt as I walk out the door and think, hmm how did I manage to spend so much money at a store where everything is basically dirt cheap?

xoxo, Ashley

rainbows & fairydust said...

LOVE how you edited these pics did u do it in Photoshop?