July 30, 2010


vintage blouse // ae shorts // urban outfitters boots // forever21 ring

I just returned from the eye doctor. They put theses drops in my eyes so now my pupils are crazy dilated & i feel like an eight-year-old woman who can't read small print.

I found these boots in the sale bin at urban outfitters for only $10! I was the happiest person in the store. They look black in the photos, but they have a hint of olive green that i just adore. Tomorrow there is a huge vintage closeout sale happening that i plan on attending to source for more stock for the next collection. I hope there are some goodies!

Now i am going to attempt to finish "eat pray love," but i'm thinking that isn't really an option right now with my fuzzy vision. Maybe instead i will go to a yoga class...have a lovely weekend!


brunatreme said...

You look very pretty!
love the boots <33


Queni said...


I like this look (-:-D