August 13, 2010


I wouldn't consider myself to be a crossword person. Mainly because i'm not good at them & usually get frusturated with my lack of trivial fact knowledge & give up. But when my new denmarks arrived with a puzzle on the box, i thought 'it's about shoes...i think i can do this one.' I have to admit i did cheat a little by asking my good friend google if he knew...the astrounant shoes one throw me - moonboots, duh!

Here are ones i am still lost with & google is unsure of the answers as well, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated :)

3. accessory covering instep & ankle
31. fancy border

5. 'shoes' in mazatlan
6. he was shot in the heel
30. baby _____


Monique said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those booties! And the crossword it came with is so cute!! have a great weekend!
xo M

dear kate said...

could 6 down be achilles? i'm horrible at those things too!

{ I V Y } said...

i like your blog!
cute clogs and furry hat! is there a name for those hats? i want one haha!

VanilahFashion said...

Love this outfit :)
Especially your shoes and socks!

Vanilah xx

Kirstie. said...

6 down is achilles. I hope that helps. You have such a lovely blog.