September 27, 2010


This past weekend joel & i took a short weekend up north in duluth to celebrate. I still can't believe it, but have been dating for four years. A little mini vacay up the northshore was our present to ourselves along with room service, way too much food, martinis, 7-7's, two very pretty rings, the best wild rice soup ever, peach champagne toast, wondering through skyways, introducing sunday-funday to my lil sis & devouring caramel covered apples.

It was refreshing to drive away from the city - that is when i wasn't being a backseat driver - & just enjoy the simpler things like pretty leaves & fresh air. Now it's back to crossing out this weekend's HUGE to-do list...i'll fill ya in in the next post...for now here's our little northshore holiday.


Sally said...

Love the scarf & hat, you've got some lovely pieces!

devynmarie said...

Cool blog! I love it...I am also from minnesota but I have been living in NYC. Go minnesota girls!!