March 29, 2011


Growing up i danced. I was part of my high school dance team & a local studio. I have always loved everything about dance - from the costumes to the worn out pointe shoes. Today, i still wonder how i was ever able to dance, because i am a horrible klutz.



I love the blazer in the last photo. I have a thing for the shoes too, beautiful!

blue roses said...

that bird cage-inspired golden cuff is gorgeous. i love the leotards and the long flowing tutus of ballet dancers, and of course, am constantly envious of their grand posture. perhaps when you were young, you just let loose and forgot about being a bit clumsy.

Rosalia said...

I love the ballet inspiration! I used to dance a while back too. I for sure miss it. Anyways love the post on ballet! I am now following :)