March 5, 2011


1. March 2011 Glamour Magazine
2. Me on page 68!!!
3. New love - American Apparel nail polish in 'butter'

I realized yesterday that i haven't shared my feature in this month's Glamour magazine! I had shared it on my facebook page & then, kind of forgot to share it on my actual blog...oops!

Here is the little piece of the exert about my photo...
"Turn to page 132 and behold the outfit-making skill of real women like "shoeohlic" and vintage fiend Kitty Cotten, 24, here. Love your leopard socks, Kitty!"
Cindi Leive

Thank you so much Glamour & Cindi!


Romance Is Boring said...

This is amazing! I love your leopard socks too :) x

two birds said...

that's amazing! way to go!!