March 24, 2011


Perfect winter to spring outfit! I'm smitten with Christine Centenera's style right now.

1. Topshop Jacket $150

2. American Apparel Denim Button Up $64

3. Jil Sander Striped Cashmere Scarf $395

4. Nordstrom Hudson Jeans $198

5. RYA Heels $50

6. Sabrina Dehoff Bracelet from Urban Outfitters $88


blue roses said...

i have a pair of jeans that look very similar, which i was hesitant about buying in the first place, since i generally stick to very dark washes. so pleased i took the leap, they are fun and a great match with lighter neutrals.

Cara said...

She is so inspirational! I have been looking for a pair of heels like that with the little bow since I saw her in them in a magazine! Great pick!
xo Cara

free standing closet said...

Gorgeous! she is so beautiful!