April 17, 2011


kevin-kramp-4kevin-kramp-1kevin-kramp-2The shear amount of detail and time that Kevin Kramp puts into each piece of handwoven fabric to overall garment immense & you can truly see it emanate through his work. I worked with Kevin last fall for SCENEaSOTA & saw first-hand his love for his designing. I felt bad for the male models in the show, because the three girl looks stole the show. I want a female collection from Kevin! I would live in one of his big, oversized knit dresses all winter!

designer: Kevin Kramp
styling: Jahna Peloquin


blue roses said...

completely agree, looks so chic and comfortable and practical; perfect for snowy weather. i would definitely rock a knit dress of his for months.


Amélia said...

I found your website very interesting! and you have a great style!

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