April 5, 2011


A jolt of neon just in time for spring! There is a good possibility that i will severely sprain my ankle in the orange pair, but i'm positive it will be worth it...i think? My kindle is officially my new best friend & joel's new enemy. I am completely glued to that thing! Have any of you guys read 'I Hope They Server Beer in Hell'? Well, if you have moderately to severely crude humor you would love it! It is absolutely hilarious in a really bad way. I love discovering new books, so what are you all reading right now or what's your favorite book?

shoes: gojane.com
(p.s. i bought both of them plus shipping for $35, and i'm not lying)


blue roses said...

35$ for both..... you thief you, what a steal!


hurricanekerrie said...

The orange one reminds me of sorbet. Yummers. $35 for both?! I need to head on over to Gojane. I never remember that store when I feel like "e-window shopping." Thanks for the heads up!

Joan said...

love them both!! great colours!

Anonymous said...

Such fun-colored shoes! You'll have to keep us posted on the walkability factor ; )

Cara said...

love the neon colors, so refreshing! Really loving those first pumps-gorgeous!
xo Cara