February 19, 2012

I Call It Giraffe Leopard

kittycotten-animalprintfashion1kittycotten-animalprintfashion3kittycotten-animalprintfashion2kittycotten-animalprintfashion4I'm laughing really hard in the last photo, because we were trying to snap some pictures in this parking lot with this beautiful brick backdrop, but people kept driving up and asking us if they could park were we were standing. Just as soon as I'd jump onto that cement parking thing, a car would roll down their window and ask, "Can we, ah, park there?" or they'd just stink-eye us from their minivan and slowly creep into the spot.


jacket, vintage; top, J.Crew; pants, J.Crew; shoes, vintage; bag, ALDO; gloves, Target; sunglasses, F211


blue roses said...

ooo, love the shade of those leather gloves!


Natasha Fatah said...

Kitty, you wild animal you! The mix is fantastic!


life full of colors said...

I love animal prints ! That top looks amazing !

Ruby Girl said...

bah hahaha way to stand your ground. hope you gave them the stink-eye right back. that would have made for a good outfit photo haha