March 9, 2012

We Are Young


Wearing: shearling jacket, Macy's (on sale for $15 & originally $90!); top, American Eagle; denim flares, F21; heels, Zara; purse, Lori's Shoes; watch, Michael Kors; aviators, F21

I can't seem to get this song out of my head!


Meg @ said...

Awesome song. I can't get your cobalt button-down out of my head. I am so excited about finding myself one.

Katie Kondek said...

Can't believe you got this jacket for $15... that is amazing! Love it!

Liz said...

They play it on just about every radio station in the Twin Cities! Which ISN'T a bad thing (yet!).

The White List said...

Fantastic post! Your blog is brilliant!!!! You are amazing! Have a great week!!! :-)