August 6, 2012

My Motivation

I started practicing yoga about five months ago. This sounds totally corny, but I'd always wanted to be a yogi. There's no real reason beside the fact that I love the idea of yoga. So, last March I bit the bullet and joined a yoga studio at a decently hefty monthly price tag. I'd done the standard gym experience before at like 40 bucks a month, but absolutely hated getting on that damn treadmill and their classes just didn't fit me. Sometimes I'd go months without stepping foot into my affordable gym, so I figured I could justify the bump up in price because I knew I'd love going. It paid off! I actually consider myself pretty strong for my stature and my life just feels more balanced. This isn't to say I don't have those days after work where I just don't feel like working up a sweat. On those days before I leave work or that occasional Sunday morning buried in my bed, I'll hit play on this video and within seconds my motivation springs to life once again!


harriet gray said...

ahhh, that's really made me want to get back into yoga! amazing!

Anonymous said...

my sister has been doing yoga for five years. she started because of back pain. when nothing else was helping, yoga has done wonders. i've tagged along a few times, but i stopped. i do think about going back quite often. i just have to get over my laziness.

desorden150 said...

Hi Kitty!

I was just wondering, do you think you'll do beauty youtube videos again? I miss them so much! You were the one that finally taught me how to blowout my hair!