June 23, 2010

diy // miu miu collar.

Good luck :)

thrifted sweater top // express skirt // diy collar // heartbreaker pumps // target sunglasses


Anthea said...

This is so cool! The collar came out great. Well done!

Melissa said...

great DIY! thanks for sharing! lovely blog!

von vintage said...

Great idea! Your amazing!

Mirian Vega Román said...

Good idea!!i like your imagination and your Blog!!
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Krislyn said...

i really enjoy your blog... you have innovative ideas and you're so pretty!

A. said...

so cool; that collar looks so Miu Miu :)
and you look so sweet!
My last post is about Miu Miu, too <3


daisybabie said...

Oh my gosh! Your DIY is brilliant! That collar is superb! lol, sorry for all the exclamation points...i get carried away when thrilled at something. :o)
I came across your blog via Lori's Shoes. I live in Chicago and this is my fave place for some shoe porn action. lol You have a loverly blog! Cheers

Kitty Cotten said...

i'm glad you all enjoyed this diy project! i love doing stuff like this...i think i will do more posts like this...what do you think???