June 20, 2010


BCGB pumps // NYC shorts // GPP purse & necklace // GPV sheer top

Yesterday, i was shooting our next month's stock and was so inspired by this sheer floral top. I quickly grabbed my camera and tripod to catch the last of the sunlight before sunset. I love the sexiness of a sheer top with a simple black bra underneath.

The shoes: i found this diy fendi shoe idea on refinery29.com the other day. All you do is grab a pair of your nude heels and pantyhoes. Cut the butt part away, leaving you with two seperate legs. Trim the seam off at the toes of the pantyhoes and simple wrap them around your shoes as so. I love the simple and chic update to a classic pump.

Last night my bf and i went to a local comedy club. I don't think i have laughed that hard in awhile! It was nice to be surrounded by people, since my housemate is on a little vacay in chicago visiting her brother. Our house has just been too peaceful - it's weird. This slow-paced weekend is a refreshing and welcoming change from past weekends. It has given me pleanty of time to do everything i need to do for Geisha Pearl Vintage and much more...which leads me to announce...

Geisha Pearl Pieces!!!

I have been preparing for the launch of Geisha Pearl Pieces for the last month and have been boiling over in excitement to share with you all the amazing items that will be available this week! All the pieces will be sold via http://geishapearlpieces.blogspot.com/ & paypal. All the shoes, purses, necklaces, belts, earring, rings & bracelets will be first come first serve style - so be sure to become a fan our Geisha Pearl on facebook to know the exact time everything is available & to see a sneak peek of the collection before it goes on sale!

I couldn't be more excited to expand the store to include some of the most amazing vintage accessories. I even found a purse that reminds me of the Alexander Wang bag given away on bloglovin this month!! There are over 40 amazing items that will be for sale Friday, June 25th! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too :)


BarelyVogue said...

love the sheer blouse. Visit my blog to win a fun contest I am having right now

Alice said...

your shoes are gorgeous. i just found your blog and i'm loooovvving it! i love to find a fellow vintage enthusiast :)

desorden150 said...

Oh please please do a hair tutorial of your hair on facebook. It's so freaking pretty and perfect for summer!!

diana! said...

found your blog on weardrobe!i love it.vintage,n i love vintage.love your top and your shoes
have a great day

Anthea said...

Those shoes are fabulous and you are too beautiful.

Anonymous said...

love the whole look, especially the blouse, u're gorgeous!!