February 2, 2011


This saturday night i will be attending a masquerade. All that is on my mind are full petticoats, chandlers and paris. Some how it will all come together into a black-tie worthy ensemble, or so i'm hoping. Tomorrow i will be stopping by at michael's craft store, which means i will be strolling up and down the isles for about two hours gorging my brain full of mask ideas, then fun little crafts, then redecorating ideas, then sewing ideas. I need to go with an itinerary. Craft stores are a perfect sparkly, silk-flowery, beaded heaven of a black hole.


Chapstick Fanatic said...

craft stores are bad for me. i always come out with much more than i intend to buy. bright pink sparkles? well of course i could use them for something.


Anonymous said...

I WANT those shoes in the first pic! Following on bloglovin :)