March 9, 2011


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Minnesota refuses to give up winter. Thankfully american apparel will let me buy my way into spring - hello, new shorts! Unfortunately, we are confined within my two bedroom apartment enjoying each other's company in fear of frostbite. If any of you warm-weather readers could send a little of that irresistible summer air this way my shorts & i would really appreciate it.

I have never been someone who is drawn to the color red. Maybe it is because i would stick out like a sore thumb against the minnesotan staple of black 'northface' jackets. I must stay those 'northface' jackets are truly the warmest thing ever made, but i refuse to own one. I did say the same thing about 'uggs' until joel gave me a pair for christmas a year ago - again, seriously so warm & practical.

wearing: vintage sweater, american apparel jean shorts, jeffrey campbell lita, vintage belt, american apparel nail polish in 'butter'


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

STUNNING! lovin' the red today lades, um...great legs and yes one girl can say that to another ; )

so your background arrangement of shoes is adored total, nice collection - green jiggly jellos ova heah. our weather's been extremely bi-polar as of late and today is a mass rain me, you don't want a piece of this. hope yours warms up soon so you can saunter outdoors with something this cute on. ♥

QueenVII said...

you look great in red! i love the combo of the neutral shoe with it!

Carol said...

Red+pink a perfect mix!


M. said...

your eyes are to die for! forrrealll.


Youa said...

super cute! i love the color.

i know how you feel. it's so hard to dress cute or go outside and take photos when it's freezing!!! lol.

Carolina said...

Red looks so good on you! I love the picture with the hello kitty pocket mirror, I have the same in pink ^^

Ally said...

Hey! Love the blog! My friend sent me the link to that you're featured in. I'm also a mn blogger! I live in SLP. Anyway, just wanted to show some support! I'm following ya on bloglovin. I'd love for you to check out mine as well.


Panda said...

perfect color for this nail polish