August 5, 2011


kittycotten2kittycotten3kittycotten1I was told once this top resembled one of those old button-up shirts your dad gave you to use as a painting cover-up in art class back in elementary school, which made me laugh, then question if I should be wearing it public -- cause, well, it kind of does look like that. I thought later, maybe that's why I like wearing this top so much. It's texture is exactly that perfectly worn-in softness you'd expect of your dad's hand-me-down art class cover-up.

wearing: j.crew top, vintage DIY shorts, Jeffrey Campbell heels, vintage bag


mari b. said...

there's absolutely nothing wrong with your delightful shirt - you look truly brilliant.

xx //

MySweetCreations said...

I LOVE your entire outfit, very well put together! Where are the shorts from?

Anonymous said...

looove this look!you look so elegant!

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1. Whose Dad shops at J. Crew?

2. Why not smile more? Sure, you look like a nonchalant model, but you have such a nice, straight smile that we never see. You look more like a person than model when you smile.