April 30, 2012

Chic Readers of April

chicreaders-aprilLEFT // Pandaphilia
How adorable is that teal blouse and floral pencil skirt?!

RIGHT // Natasha Fatah
Love the orangey-red and cobalt blue combination!

A while back I did a similar post and so many readers enjoyed it! I love reading all your comments and taking a peek at my reader's blogs. I'm always blown away, but not surprised by how stylish my readers are! Starting now, it will be a monthly post where I showcase two beautiful followers! If you'd like to be featured, simply comment on any or all posts! Nothing fancy, just blogger to blogger love here!


Angie said...

aww thanks girl, this is really a sweet surprise! i opened up my feed and was reading through my blog faves (and yes you are on that list because of your impeccable eye for design/graphics) and bam! haha you're amazing! ^_^ thanks for making my day~

April said...

How cool! Looks like you featured my friend Ellie in your last post like this. Ellie is the person who inspired me to start my blog. I always wanted to, but never did, until she starting talking about hers with me one night and encouraged me to start my own. I went out and bought a DSLR a few days later & started my blog a few weeks after that (just this February)!

She has great style indeed. Found some new blogs to follow & I love your blog too! You are so creative.


Rachel Lynne said...

Love the floral skirt and definitely an amazing color combination- I love Natasha's blog!


Natasha Fatah said...

Kitty, what a very sweet and humbling surprise to be featured here! Thank you for the blog love girl! It's really appreciated! :)

You know I adore your blog too!!! :)

~Natasha Fatah~