May 2, 2012

Operation Thicker Brows

Thick brows have been a mega huge -- get it? -- beauty trend for sometime now. I've decided not to pluck my brows, for awhile anyways, hoping they will fill up just a bit more in the arch to outer edge area. I'm going for a nice fluff, avoiding the wild-a-beast-ish look of unruly brows. Cross my fingers I have the patience and don't pluck them back to 1992...



Natasha Fatah said...

When they're in or not, some of don't have a choice. The brows are big and they're here to stay. ;)

~Natasha Fatah~

Nicole Brown said...

Awesome! I think bigger brows beat out skinny, over plucked brows anyday. AND they make you look younger! Good luck!

Rachel Lynne said...

I let my brows grow out a couple years ago and haven't looked back. Sometimes I still get the urge to overpluck (my brows were WAY too thin back in high school and got better throughout college) but now I realize it is better to have a couple hairs out of place here and there then to overpluck!

Good luck! It definitely is hard to resist plucking! I used a brow pencil to fill in where I wanted my hair to grow and it helped me out a ton! I use Loreal brow pencil and gel everyday now to make sure I keep my brows thicker!