April 26, 2012

Current Makeup Routine : Brows

BROWSI like to do my brows after my eye makeup to keep from over doing it! Brows should be fully, but very natural and soft looking.

1. Wet n Wild in Taupe -- Using little strokes to mimic short brow hairs, I fill in my brows following the direct the hair is growing to frame my face. Avoid adding too much pigment, especially where the brows meet, because it can look clownish -- eek!

2. Eyebrow Brush -- I groom my brows with the bristle side in an up-and-away-from-eye motion. This helps blend out the eyebrow liner to create a soft, natural feel.

3. Cover Girl Clear Mascara -- To keep my in place, I comb clear mascara in that same up-and-away-from-eye motion. I really want to try out a brow gel! Have you ever used one? If so, what brand and did you like it?

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