April 26, 2012

Headed to the Rooftop

kittycottenspringfashion3kittycottenspringfashion2kittycottenspringfashion1kittycottenspringfashion4Joel and I had our very first rooftop dinner outing in St. Paul since moving downtown last October. I moved from the rooftop robust Uptown, so I've been soiled with summer dining for the past couple of summers! It did feel wonderful to take in the summer evening over a couple pints of beer. Now, I just need a tan, friggin' seriously! I will never be a very tan person, I'm too Irish! But seriously self, "You need to slap on some fan tanner!" What are some of your favorite self-tanners brands?

Get the Look //
button-up, American Eagle
tank, American Eagle (from like sixth grade!)
skirt, F21
watch, Michael Kors
bracelets, Banana Republic / F21 / vintage
sunglasses, J.Lo
shoes, Sperry's Top Siders


Natasha Fatah said...

Looking awesome lady!
~Natasha Fatah~

Rachel Lynne said...

Cute shoes! Love your pink skirt :)


Unknown said...

You're too cute! What rooftop? And self tanner... Depend on them! I recently tried a new one from Ulta. Australian Gold self tanning lotion. Silky, quick dry, good scent and doesn't resemble Snookie ;)