April 25, 2012

Current Makeup Routine : Eyes


1. Maybelline in Pink Petal -- A light pink champagne color that I sweep across my lids to just above the fold using a big, fluffy brush for a natural application.

2. Rimmel Eye Liner in Hurricane Grey -- Starting at the outer corner of my lash I draw a very faint line right at the lash line to just before the inner corner. Then, I blend with a little sponge tip to soften the line.

3. Eye Lash Curler -- Curl those babies up!

4. Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in Black -- Truly the best mascara I've ever used! Mascara is my thing. I'm obsessed with creating big, full, yet soft lashes that are irresistible! I've tried every drugstore brand to higher-end mascaras and this mascara from Mary Kay leaves it's competition in the dust! I usually only apply one coat because it makes my lashes sooooooo long and full. I find if I over do it when applying a second coat they turn into tarantula lashes. The only bummer this mascara is I need to order it versus simply stopping at the drugstore for a new one, but it's totally worth extra effort. Seriously.

A Touch of Glam -- Some mornings a dash of gold shimmer to the inner corner of my eyes just makes me happy! This one is a BareMinerals eye shadow I got as a sample and don't remember what it was named. It could be this one.

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Emily Wimer said...

Love Mary Kay Mascara! But have you tried their latest Lash Love mascara? I beat out the Ultimate by far in my book. I did a before an after on my FB Mary Kay page. It's fabulous!

Estee Clair Academy said...

Lovely Stuffs... i love your post and also love your collections...thank you for posting..!!