June 9, 2011


kittycotten-beach3kittycotten-beach1beachhatwaveskittycotten-beach8kittycotten-beach10kittycotten-beach4kittycotten-beach5kittycotten-beach7Summer at last! My first beach outing accompanied by Landsharks, adorable sunnies, the perfect floppy hat & joel! I found this crochet cover-up by Michael Kors last summer, but never put it to use & have no idea why... it keeps me the perfect temperature of just slightly above warm.
hat & sunglasses courtesy of Lori's Shoes
Joel's going to hate me for this photo, but it's always the face he makes when i try to take a picture of him. Maybe now he'll smile instead of stinkfacing me -- haha!


Carol said...

Ahhhh!!! I need your sunglasses!!

FashionableAsians said...

I have yet to go to the beach yet this yr and it's going to rain this wkend -__- sigh* but when I go I def need a hat and cover up like yours!

Blue said...

That sweater looks like the perfect top to keep you warm in a cool ocean breeze!