January 12, 2012


kittycotten2aI may be thought of as a girly-girl more often then not, but I have a dear love for menswear -- cue the broken-in red flannel, oversized leather belt, and super dark indigo jeans. To keep from appearing as a long-haired 13-year-old boy, I zipped on a pair of chunky heeled booties and layered some sparkly and gold bracelets. Whoa, that was a close call! Last summer, a group of us spent an entire Saturday enjoying festivities at a Twins game -- a.k.a. beer, beer, jag bomb, beer, beer, pretzel and cheese... By the end of the game I was very happy, intoxicated, and dancing to the music either playing aloud or a track running in my head -- I'm still not sure on that one -- but a concerned mom unrelated to our group came up behind me and asked if I needed help finding my family, because I must have looked like a lost, potentially handicapped child in need of rescuing. Pretty sure I whipped my head back at around at the lady, gave her a serious stink-eye and told her a big, fat "NO!" I'm not sure exactly how that story relates to me smiling in my bedroom getting my lean on, but it's funny, therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to relive this moment in my life for your enjoyment! kittycotten3akittycotten1aWearing: flannel shirt, Forever 21; denim shirt, American Eagle; belt, borrowed from Joel; jeans, c/o Invista LYCRA


Asher said...

lovely outfit :)

Ruby Girl said...

you rock menswear just as well as girly girl apparel :) xoxo! hope you can make it to the mn fashion blogger meet-up, kitty! Deets & RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/329549793736135/

designchic said...

Love the flannel shirt, but my favorite is the snake bracelet...fabulous!!